Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh, Josie...


Anonymous said...

Your little holstein can climb mountains.

I see you also have a very colorful yak.

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas.


Grandma G said...

Can Trixie climb mountains? Did you find any special deposits when you got home?

Love the yak!

Yep, nice Christmas!

Anonymous said...


We now have a habit to overcome.

I can only figure we'll have to go back to the original solid insert with lots of litter to see if she'll get back on for the business.

She does seem to have the number one down just fine though, so it is a mystery as to why she is reluctant.

I thought we had it pretty much won but now I have some doubt.

How's your rain/snow thing?
We had sprinkles and light rain for much of the day.
I went up on the roof and shoveled some of the weight off.
It is amazing how the rain has cleared some sidewalks and streets.
Our driveway is absolutely clear tonight. We'll see about tomorrow.


Grandma G said...

Good luck on the re-training!

We got .31" of rain yesterday. Really sank the snow down... also really made it slippery. Today we've gotten some snow... couple inches so far maybe... more coming down. Remains to be seen how much... and what the wind does with it. Blech.

Anonymous said...

Seriously... yours it's like "cute overload" + 1 lovely princess + awsome nature pics... can't beat that! Love your blog... really love it! Please keep blogging now that I found u =)


Grandma G said...

Thanks, Astrid... for this comment and your other one... you made my day yesterday! Just when I'm thinking everyone's bored with my blog (including myself) and comments are few, you come along and make it all worthwhile. So welcome to my blog... glad to have you along!