Thursday, December 9, 2010

I AM on the table

"There was a bug on the light, okay?"

"I couldn't help myself."

"I'll do penance and clean the table for you."

"And now I'm NOT on the table."

"I'm on the chair."


Anonymous said...

Well, it's a matter of interpretation of the law.

I think she has a pretty good lawyer.


I don't think you can turst that cat.

grace said...

What's a cat lover to do?

JHRME said...

I wonder if she's figured out she's safe as long as you've got the camera?

Grandma G said...

Dale & Grace... don't Trixie and Silky get on the table?! Or the counter... or many other places they shouldn't be??? How 'bout Christmas trees? (Ours isn't up yet... but it could get interesting!)

JHRME, I think she feels safe 'most' of the time. Yelling doesn't seem to do much anymore... I have to come after her with my arm raised, and even then sometimes she doesn't move, so I have to toss her on the floor.

I think it's hopeless. Willow's favorite spot was the counter. It was a losing battle, so I pretty much gave up... and washed the counter a lot.

Wispy doesn't get up on anything... she's too fat. ;) But I much prefer Josie's spunk. ;)