Sunday, December 5, 2010

Grandma's little decorator

On an after-Christmas sale online last year, I came across this neat little kit for a child. It was a magnetic Christmas tree and decorations. The description didn't say how big it was, but it was really CHEAP, so I figured I didn't have much to lose, and I bought it. I was really surprised at the size of it! It looked fantastic! Too bad I had to put it away for nearly a year.

I got it out for Courtney on Tuesday. Just look at the size of the tree!

Ooohh... do those eyes look tired or what? That's what happens when you try to take a nap, but "I think my eyes didn't feel like sleeping." Heheh....

But she easily had enough energy for decorating! First you put the tree on the refrigerator. Put it up high so pesty Josie can't undecorate it too fast.

Will you look at that hair?! So LONG. So PRETTY!! Soooo hard to comb. It may not be long much longer. We'll see what Mommy decides.

Back to decorating.....

Next you punch out all the decorations.

Some of the things were a little hard to punch out, but she got the job done.

It's more fun if you sing while you're working!

Sorta threw her off at the mention of making a movie... she almost reverted back one holiday. ;-)

(Hmmm... maybe the pants were a bit too long?)

Sorry about the tongue, Mommy... just silliness. ;-)

Then if you take everything down and use the punched out page, it makes a great puzzle. :-) More singing while you put in the pieces....

She's not quite so generous with the smiles for Grandma's camera anymore. Sometimes I have to sorta coax them out of her. She holds out as long as she can, but it's hard. Grandma won in the end.

TA DA!! The tree, presents.... AND the smile!

(Click to enlarge.)

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grace said...

What a fun craft/game idea. Nice movie production with the lovely music score. We have found she will do that "Pouty face" on request but it always ends up making HER smile. (:~). This blog was worth waiting for. Have a great day.