Tuesday, December 14, 2010

God's decorations

Yeah, I have to admit, there is beauty in the beast of winter.

Here's our poor miniature lilac bush next to the house. It got pretty battered last winter... I wonder how it'll look by this spring. But, it's pretty now.

Evergreens full of snow are always lovely looking.

And look closer... quite the shapes, huh?

Below is some frost on a window, shot from a couple different angles.

(Click any photo to enlarge.)

If I can't make it go away (I really can't, Dale!), I may as well find something to enjoy about it!


Anonymous said...

The pictures of the frost are awesome . We take it for granted not knowing how beautiful it is till it's magnified.
Kids had their shorts on here yesterday...too warm for this time of year. Bonnie W

Anonymous said...

I think it looks like aliens came and drew crude pictures of their space craft or maybe their home planet.

They obviously have special abilities to be able to draw inside your windows.


grace said...

I love how the sunlight falls on the two evergreens. Nice shot.

Grandma G said...


Courtney said the closeups of the snow on the evergreens looked like marshmallows. Hey, they do! :)

Anonymous said...

They look like they're wearing white desses.

Really the word is desses.


Grandma G said...

You really like those new words you're learning, don't you? :) They are absolutely the inest!

live a colorful life said...

These are amazing pictures. Just so you know, Jessica's cute little trailer on the turquoise background was short-lived. The second picture down took its placeas my wallpaper.

Grandma G said...

Haha, Jess!

Becky said...

Thank you again and again for sharing your snow pics!

Grandma G said...

You're welcome, Becky! The way it's going, there'll be plenty more snow to take pics of for you. Glad somebody enjoys it, anyway. :)