Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Fresno morning

In other words, it's foggy and dreary. I spotted this guy in our back yard. He didn't look like he was enjoying the weather very much. But hey, he survived the winter! It's very likely that a lot of them didn't, what with all the snow cover and cold temps.

Here's another photo, zoomed in a little closer and enhanced a bit:

(Click either photo to enlarge.)

He appears to be standing on just one leg. Do they really do that, Dale? He stood there not moving for quite a while, then disappeared when I wasn't looking.


JHRME said...

Ugh! How dreary!Haha...Id be hiding under the tree too. Well I practically am...Im hiding in bed!

Grandma G said...

It's sunny here now (noon), with a few "individual clouds", even. Very windy, tho.

Are you sick? Or just hiding for the sport of it?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a little behind the times.
Been away from high speed for a while.
Cute party pictures.
Yeah they do stand on one leg usually to preserve heat.
I recently had a chance to observe hungarian partridges doing it too.
I think most birds will lift one foot up to warm it.


Grandma G said...

Thanks! Now I know!