Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring fever?

We've been having some rather spring-like weather the last few days. The cats have been out and enjoying it, too. It's been so nice to see them outside again, after all that COLD that kept them inside the machine shed day and night. Here are a few of them enjoying a morning out on the snowbanks.

(Click to enlarge.)

Did you see those couple of calicos lurking from the lilac bushes? And poor(?) Josie admiring her brother through the window? But look how our LP tank is finally emerging from the snow! It's melting... hurray! Today's forecast high is near 50°, so the melting should continue! Ahhhh.... I, for one, certainly do have spring fever!!

(Now if only it really were spring. But I'll enjoy this while it lasts!)

Here's someone else who seemed to have a case of spring fever yesterday. She was quite wired all day!

Or maybe it was too much valentine candy??? ;-)

She was watching her shadow and admiring her 'tails'.

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