Sunday, February 13, 2011

Party pics, Part 1 (finally)

Sorry for keeping you waiting so long. Good grief, the party was over a week ago already! Okay, so we had a little unexpected excitement during the week that threw me off a bit (no, Grandpa, I'm not gonna blog about it... ), but still! My excuse is that there were too many pics, and they were too hard to narrow down. SOOO.... you get to see them all! Well, almost. I did eliminate a few. But as I looked through them, I just got such a chuckle out of them that I thought maybe you'd like to chuckle a little, too. ;-)

So here we go. This first one isn't really much of a photo. And yet again it is. This is just as the photo session at the cake began. I title it "Reality". ;-)

Okay, almost ready. The birthday girl must get her headband just right:

"That cake looks so GOOD! Wish those grownups would hurry up and get their cameras ready."

"Oooh, they're gettin' closer now!"

"Here's a pretty smile for you, Mommy!"

"Aw, gee. Wasn't that good enough? Can't we just eat it?"

First let's have a closer look at that adorable cake Mommy spent hours on:

The adults are getting comical behind the scenes, methinks:

Okay, candle lit. One cheesy grin:

"Finally, I got to blow it out!"

Ohhhh.... let's re-enact that scene:

(Where'd that mop come from???)

"Oh, man.... will we ever get to the CAKE?"

"I'm getting tired of smiling, Mommy."

One more blow......

Hey, that candle's lit AGAIN! "Is this smile good enough?!"


I don't know what this last one was about. Perhaps "I'm gonna blow out that candle and be done with it!" Whatever was going on, I thought it was pretty cute.

Hope you enjoyed 'em. But come back tomorrow, 'cause we're not done yet!

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grace said...

Thanks a bunch. Love the pics and the story line. Those kids are a Hoot. They were really quite patient with all us adults with the cameras.