Thursday, February 24, 2011

Young artist at work

There she was back in January, amidst all her art supplies, hard at it. Note the daycare babies napping in the background. A girl has to sneak in time to develop her talent whenever she can!

Her "cohort" quietly watches on.

Usually Josie's not so relaxed, though. More often she's in the middle of whatever Courtney's doing at the table. Soooo curious (hasn't killed her yet, though!). SUCH A PEST!!! She gets tossed to the floor many times while Courtney's busy. Unfortunately, she bounces right back up. I guess Courtney and Grandma won this round, though. Quite temporarily, to be sure.

Here's our artist again, more recently, using one of her birthday gifts. Did you notice the huge supply of beads she got? With a cool box to sort them all into.

After sorting the beads by size and shape into the many little compartments, she decided to make Grandma a necklace.

Such exacting work it was!

And TA DA!!! My new necklace....

.... which she took home with her at the end of the day. Gotta go "green" and recycle those beads, y'know!

(Aside to Cindy: This little kit saved me the work of dying our own beads. ;) )


Anonymous said...

Diligence is my word for what I see.


I see agrot as a possible crop problem this summer.

Grandma G said...

You do come up with the most interesting words... or maybe you just MAKE them interesting! ;)

I only get stuff like "triummok".