Thursday, February 3, 2011

A rerun? Not really. But sorta.

Am I showing you last year's pics? Nope. But it looks the same, anyway.

I wasn't even going to take more snow pics to show you. Instead I was just going to tell you to go back a year in my posts to see how it looks again now. But then, some of the drifts are even higher, so here are a few shots, taken from INSIDE the house, because it's been TOO COLD to take any outside! (And besides, somebody requested pics... but I won't say who, Dale.)

Below is what our deck looks like. Is it any wonder Josie faces away from the window?!

It was even a little deeper at the west end:

And our back yard to the north... remember the LP tank in front of the left tree? It's still there, but buried:

I took these below this morning, when the wind is now filling in everything (that Nate cleaned out so nicely yesterday) from the southwest.

See that hump in the center of the next pic? That's a buried evergreen tree.


(Click any photo to enlarge. I'm not gonna. I'd like to shrink it all!)


Anonymous said...

Well, now that's about what I was guessing would be the result of that much snow with a little wind mixed in.
I suppose you'll see some more branches stripped down on your spruce trees.
I just hope this is getting near the end of the big snows.
At least mother nature could accommodate us with some thawing before she deals us the next one.

Think spring. You might have to think it for about 6 weeks though.


Grandma G said...

Yeah, those poor evergreens are really getting hit hard this year. I think that rain a few weeks ago really weighted down the branches, and now more snow on top. They're not gonna be very pretty come spring.