Friday, February 4, 2011

A peek in at Courtney's daycare

We haven't observed for a while. I think an inspection is necessary.


(Click to enlarge.)

I guess ya gotta handle those kids however you can! She told me Daddy had put her own socks on her that morning. I asked her if that's how he did it. ;-)

(The answer was "no". Just in case you were wondering.)


grace said...

Err, AHHH, Ya, HUmmm, Maybe a crash course in that baby sitting clinic thingy. But I love the braid in her hair. I had not seen it when it was FRESH. I can't wait unti she decides it would be fun to play beauty shop with me. She raises the roof when I come to her with the hair brush to smooth down the tangles.

Anonymous said...

Has she been watching her grandpa, her dad, and her great uncles handle livestock or something.
She sure seems to have a knack for subduing her subject.


Grandma G said...

That wasn't the same braid, Grace... it was a week or two before. Sure nice to know they stay in so long, tho, huh? ;)

She'll be all set to work in a real daycare someday, won't she? :)