Monday, August 29, 2011

Are you hungry?

I mean REALLY hungry. Are you? Probably not. Or if you are hungry, it's probably not like literally starving. And not something that you couldn't fix by going to the refrigerator, or making a quick trip to a grocery store, convenience store, restaurant, etc.

Many people in the world ARE hungry. The STARVING kind of hungry. Have you heard about the famine in Africa that's going on right now? People are so hungry that they're dying.

Do you want to help?

There's an awesome website that I've been visiting daily for years. It costs me nothing, but it helps feed hungry people. All I have to do is click on the big "Click Here" button, and it donates 1.1 cups of food to someone in need. Every day.

The funds come from their sponsors, of whom there are many. Of course, if you buy something from the sponsors, it helps even more, but you don't have to buy anything.

It's called The Hunger Site. Right now they're focusing on feeding those affected by the famine in Africa. Click this link if you want to help, too.

I'm also including a button in my left sidebar that you can click on every day to get to the site, or you can simply bookmark it on your computer.

Also on the site, there are tabs at the top of the page for helping other causes: Breast Cancer, Animal Rescue, Veterans, Autism, Child Health, Literacy, and Rainforest. I click on them all every day. It takes me about 30 seconds total. I figure I can afford 30 seconds out of every day to help others. I hope you will, too.


The Luedtke Family said...

I clicked on them!

Grandma G said...

Easy, wasn't it? :)