Monday, August 15, 2011

Zipper + ribbon = ???

I just completed another sewing project. Two of them, actually. Can you guess what they are? (If you 'know', shhhh! You can email me.)

They each only involve a zipper, a length of ribbon, and a strip of fabric backing... plus an extra loop of ribbon. Here's the first one:

This one is entirely hand-sewn.

Here's the second one, for which I used the sewing machine where I could, but it's still mostly hand-sewn:

I love the ribbons! Have a closer look:

Can you guess the designer of the ribbons, while you're at it? ;)

I'll give you the answers (plus photos) tomorrow............


Live a Colorful Life said...

I'm totally stumped on this but they sure are cute. Hmmm, fabulous ribbons! Hold on--I thought I had a nearly complete collection of ribbons by that designer. Why do I not have the sewing notions? Where do I get it?

Grandma G said...

I just knew you were gonna ask that, so I pre-answered it in the next post. ;)