Monday, August 8, 2011

Best tomato cages ever

I have sad/happy tomato plants this year. I hesitate to show them to you, because they're not the healthiest tomato plants I've ever had, thanks to our too-wet and too-hot weather. As you can see, they're dying from the bottom up from tomato blight and/or septoria leafspot. They also have few tomatoes on them compared to other years. From what I've heard, many other people are having the same problem this year. That's the sad part.

The happy part is the cages that are supporting the tomato plants! They are awesome! I had gotten one last year and liked it so well that I got another one this year. (I requested both as Christmas gifts, as a matter of fact... Santa musta thought I was a good girl.) They're called E Z Tomato Cages.

They're very strong... they'll last forever... no more bent wire cages. They set up easily, fold flat for storage and take up very little space. You can even get 2-ft. extensions to add on at the top if your tomato plants outgrow them. My plants are about 6 feet tall in the photo.

If you're interested, check them out on the web site. They might seem expensive, but they're worth it in my book. (Or you could request some from Santa. ;) ) You can grow a lot of tomato plant in very little space, but mainly you won't have your plants lying on the ground and in a lot worse shape than mine are right now.

On a healthier note, I do have some nice squash coming on this year. This is a baby buttercup.

Here are a couple of baby cantaloupe(s?) from my one-and-only plant. They're about 4" or so across, so it'll be awhile before we can eat them. More babies are on the way, too.

BTW, how are your tomato plants this year? Are they sickly, too?

Well.... our new water is clear and is flowing freely. Now once we get all the sand worked out of the pipes (it turns out that that bowl of 'gunk' was very fine sand instead of clay), all will be well (and I'll dare to do laundry again).


Live a Colorful Life said...

So glad the water is flowing once again!

JHRME said...

Wow! Those are HUGE! Do the cages make them grow that big!? I got my tomatoes from one of Lukes interns and let his parents do the growing! They're HUGE!

Grandma G said...

No, the cages only support them so you can see how tall they actually get. When they're lying on the ground, you just don't realize how long the vines are. I've used the shorter wire cages in the past (the ones that don't support very well and get all bent out of shape), and my tomatoes have sometimes grown out over the top and back down to the ground again.

The Luedtke Family said...

I just might add these to my Christmas wish list!!!

This year 2 packs of tomatoes were on sale for $3 at Menards. I bought one pack of cherry tomatoes and one pack of romas. That means I planted 12 tomato plants! Close together. We will see how they do in the bendy wire cages and peony wrap around metal that I used! They are definitely not as tall as your tomato trees!!!