Friday, August 12, 2011

Meanwhile, back at the daycare....

Sometimes daycare providers just get so tired from taking care of kids that they opt for a little nap themselves while the kids are sleeping.

Nothing beats a good snuggle! I'd sure find a softer spot than that hard ol' linoleum floor, though, if I were her. ;)

Courtney also provides kennel services on occasion. That day, these kitties were also in her charge:

It's a mama and her playful kitten.

Courtney's assistant, Josie, decided some snuggling was in order at nap time, too!

(By the coloring, I'm guessing they're actually cousins!)

Josie gets a little treat for her services. Here they are on payday:


Anonymous said...

I think she'll grow up to be a lion tamer.


JHRME said...

Im pretty sure Josie thought she was saying high five and then wondering why she kept moving her hand!

Grandma G said...

Although Josie did lie down, Courtney was actually trying to get her off the table. :)