Sunday, August 21, 2011

A critter, Part 1

Once upon a time, 20-25 years ago, my kids' Uncle Dale (who is a very creative, inventive sort of person... you may have noticed some of his "creative" comments), built a "critter cage" for each of them. The kids loved the cages and had fun collecting critters (mostly monarch caterpillars) to put in them.

I came across one of the cages not long ago, and I decided Courtney would also enjoy using it, so I brought it out for her. Here it is:

Notice that there was still an empty "vintage" monarch chrysalis in it!

It was labeled on the door....

.... and on the other end. Yep, this was Courtney's daddy's cage... perfect!

About 3 weeks ago we went hunting for a "critter" to put in the cage. We were in luck! I found one on, of course, their favorite food plant, which was a milkweed.

Courtney was thrilled.... but this is all the closer she would get to it:


Here's our little caterpiller, munching away:

And here it is in its new (albeit temporary) home:

Yesterday something exciting happened! Do come back for Part 2 and see the pics!

(And no, I haven't forgotten about the Part 2 of the "Little square things". I'll get to that later. More exciting things first!) ;)

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