Saturday, August 6, 2011

Well, well, well.... WOOHOO!!

WE HAVE NEW WATER!!! Everything went very smoothly, and by 5:30 or so, the new well was hooked up and water was running from our faucets! Amazing!! It's only a temporary hookup until they have time to finish it "properly", but we are able to use the water. Ahhhhh.... what a relief!!! We thought it might drag out a week or two, but it didn't! WHEW!!

The water is quite clear already, too... barely any grayness to it at all. And it smells so good and fresh! I'm so delighted!

Here's how it looks out there now:

This is how we're connected temporarily. The connection will be moved 6 feet underground eventually and a concrete top put over it. I guess it'll be awhile before the well guys will have time to get back and finish it up, but that's okay. They done GOOD today!

It's kind of a mess out there yet, but that's minor.

Now if only the pipes didn't have the sludge from the old well in them yet. We're still getting pretty dirty soft water. But it'll work its way out eventually.

All's well that ends well.......


Anonymous said...

Well well well, I'll bet your very happy now.
All it takes to remind you how good you have it is to be without for a short while.
I enjoyed your pictures of the well drilling stuff.
They make a mess but I suppose it would be a lot of trouble to try to contain it.
They do have to let a lot of muddy water flow.
It is all very interesting though.
It wasn't cool while they did this either.
I'm looking forward to some cooler weather this week.
It can't be too cool for me.


We were down at LC this weekend.
Picked sweet corn, solved the problem of a racoon in the patch.

I want to work in the verification word here. Our sunflowers have very large pletals.

Auntie Kris said...

Glad to hear you have real water again. I love your little pun at the end..

JHRME said...

WELL! You have had quite the time lately! I missed out on a lot while I was in Denver! Glad to hear your water problems are resolving!

Grandma G said...

I bet you're enjoying the temps now, Dale! And I won't ask how you solved the racoon problem.

Thanks to all! We're still getting a little sand (yeah, it turned out to be very fine sand rather than clay like we first thought) from the faucets, but each day gets slightly better.