Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kitty visitors

Courtney's cousins, Jenna and Jaime, are followers of my blog, and they are also kitty lovers. They got to spend some time with Grandma H recently, and they requested a visit to my kitties, so Courtney and her mommy brought them over last week. The kitties got plenty of lovin' that day! Click on the collage to see the pics bigger.

Jenna and Jaime have two cats of their own at home. I could tell by the way they handled mine that they're used to cats. They were very gentle and quiet with them, and my kitties weren't afraid of them (well, any more than some of them are of Courtney and me, anyway). Good goin', girls! Come back again anytime... it was fun to have you!

On another note.... I'm sorry, but I've had to reinstate the word verification for commenting. It was fine without it until this morning when I began getting deluged with spam comments. Thankfully, they stopped as soon as I changed the setting. At least Blogger's spam filter works well so you don't have to see the junk comments, but each one comes to my email inbox.

On yet another note.... I'm feeling a bit discombobulated this morning. I turned on our hard water faucet last night and discovered rather muddy water coming out of it. NOT a pleasant thing to see! So we refrained from using much soft/hot water so as to not draw the muck into the softener or water heater until it could be determined what was wrong. We feared the worst... that we'd have to dig a new well. A visit from the well man this morning, though, told us that would not be necessary. WHEW!!! He thinks something just shifted in the well, knocking some dirt into it. We simply need to run the water till it clears up... like when a new well is dug and the water is somewhat dirty to begin with. A hydrant is running outside now... the water seems to be improving. And I'm hoping/praying that that's all it is! I can't wait to wash my face again! :)

I'm also behind on posting and have a backlog of photos to show you! And a new sewing project! And the weather is COOLER... woohoo! (But that means I'll be able to get out and do some more much-needed weeding, too, although I've been sorta keeping up on it and just sweating a lot, so it's not too terrible.)

Seeya later.......


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of kitty fun for the girls.
The cats were breathing a sigh of relief when all the excitement was over.
Trixie will breathe relief when she gets back from the vet for her shots today.
We had our first sweet corn last night for our block party.
It was good.
More sweet corn in the next week or so.

If only this humidity would go away for good.
When it does I will break out the epsublyg.

Grandma G said...

Is that your favorite brand? Sorry about having to put the word verification back in... then again, you do seem to have fun with it. ;)

Aunite Kris said...

Jenna and Jaime really enjoyed meeting your kitties. They have been watching them grow on the blog, and were very pleased to get to see them in person. Thank you for letting them visit.