Thursday, January 19, 2012

My wardrobe

Yesterday Jess wrote quite a post... basically about MY wardrobe!  Check it out here!  You might want to read my second comment on her post for a few more details.  I thought that I'd show you a couple of the actual articles she and I mentioned, just for fun.  Here's my will-last-forever stocking cap!  (Pardon the nosey cat.  She thinks she needs to be a part of everything.)

And these are the well-outdated glasses.  They also have the lenses that turn dark in sunlight, so they serve as my sunglasses outdoors as well.  Perfect, huh?

Also, just for the record, I do have my very own Carhartt jacket! :)

A huge WELCOME to all of you who have trucked on over here from Jess's blog!  And now you know! :)

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