Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A re-run

No, this isn't a re-run for you. You haven't seen this before. But it's a re-run of sorts for me.  I made a little earbud pouch just like this (from a tutorial found here) for Alex for Christmas. It turned out to be a little bit too small. He could get his earbuds into it, but it was a tight squeeze and kind of inconvenient to use. I also forgot to take pics of it.

So I made him another one, and here it is:

It was very quick and easy to make. I made it an inch bigger in diameter than the first one. It's still pretty little, but it should work out a lot better. Here's another photo for size perspective:

Yes, I was experimenting with the backgrounds in my light tent again. Hmmm... so what's the true color of the pouch? Neither one, actually. If I hold the fabric up to my monitor, the first pic looks too blue and the second pic looks way too light. Guess I need to do more experimenting!

The tutorial was written by Erin Erickson, who also wrote the Hipster bag pattern. The tutorial kind of went "viral" before Christmas, and if you do a Google image search for "earbud pouch", you can see tons of them in all sorts of cute fabrics!

Gee, looking at all those little pouches, it occurs to me that the pouch would work for lots of other things besides earbuds. Like perhaps for little girls to put their hair pretties in when they go to their grandma's house or something. Maybe even a certain little girl who's having a birthday very soon!


Nina said...

Ha! Now I'm wondering two things: 1) Did we make all the same things this Christmas? We even both did this in blue with a red zip. 2) Was the pouch I made too small for my Dad's earphones? I'll have to ask him. It was a good tutorial, though, wasn't it?

Grandma G said...

Well, Nina...

1. Only if you made the same 2 bags that I did, which I kinda doubt, since one of them is a Hipster (is your mom working on yours yet?) and the other one I designed myself. :) I didn't make any other ("slouchy", was it?) zip pouches, either. This actually isn't a blue... it's more of a purplish gray, but you'd never know it from the photos!

2. Yes, a great tutorial! It'll be interesting to see if your dad finds it to be a bit small, too. Let me know! Gee, it'd be kinda bad if all those dozens (hundreds?) of earbud pouches made before Christmas were actually too small. But they could still be used for other things.

Live a Colorful Life said...

I LOVE this earbud case! I pinterest-ed the tutorial. She even won a contest because of this tute. Very cute. I'm sure Alex is enjoying it. And yes, I think there would be lots of uses for little girls. Charlotte just got some "girlie" legos, with lots of teensy pieces...

Grandma G said...

Alex received this last night, and he said it does work out better than the original one. Success! :)

You should make one (or a bunch), Cindy. Super easy, and the zipper installation is not to be feared! ;)