Thursday, March 8, 2012

Colorful artistry

Grandma's little artist loves color! She also loves TO color. Last week Tuesday she colored this horse. I think he's all ready for the circus now, pink mane and all! And what a neat coloring job, huh? A quote from the now-5-year-old artist herself: "Sometimes I color like an adult. Sometimes I don't."

I also have some colorful modeling clay that she got to use for the first time that day. Such pretty colors!

She got right to work, and with a little help from Grandma, she made two ducks in their nests, some food for them (at least I think that's what that red stuff is), and even a pond to swim in!

Such busy little hands. But don't they look angelic? Well, one of them, anyway.


Anonymous said...

I see her skills are really kicking in now.
Thanks to all the guidance and encouragement from all her teachers.
That includes parental units and grandparental units.


Jessica Jones said...

An excellent quote from the artist.