Thursday, March 15, 2012

Craft jar project #'s 2,3,4, .....

Here are the rest of Courtney's projects from her craft jar of goodies. She did all of these totally on her own! Be sure to click on the pics to see them in greater detail.

This one below I thought was quite interesting! She cut up sections of pipe cleaners and glued them to the front of a greeting card I'd gotten and saved for her. She also stapled a piece of white foam sheet to the back. It is blank. :) And don't tell her this, but I've forgotten what she said those pipe cleaners are! LOL They look like caterpillars crawling on the flowers, but I don't think that was it.

This next one is pretty obvious. Note the two hearts!

I like her ideas in the next picture. She had sheets of foam stickers in various sizes. They made very cute little piles!

Next we have a couple of faces... one for Grandpa and one for me. Can you tell which was for whom?

I almost forgot the little guy below. I did help her with this one. She chose the design... I just helped her with the putting together and glueing. Quite a character, huh?!

That's it for the craft jar projects! But definitely a lot for only one day, huh?!

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The Luedtke Family said...

Must have been one busy little girl!