Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quickest project ever

Well, it was an interesting morning here. Our power would go out for 2 seconds, then I'd reset the clocks, then it would go out again. Numerous times. Then it started staying out longer, the last time being over an hour. But after that it stayed on, so I guess they got it fixed... whatever "it" was. It was a widespread outage which included our local town, too. I was feeling a bit discombobulated, not to mention being a bit behind on my computer time. I did get my exercise in, but it was too dark (very gloomy outside) to even read a book on my NordicTrack. Hurray for my iPad, though, because I'd earlier downloaded a few free books, so I was able to read a short story which happened to be the perfect length (and a kind of funny read, too). And as I stepped off the NT, the power came back on to stay, so I was able to shower (exercising without a fan can get pretty sweaty!) and get about my regular day.

All that aside.... I tried a new sewing tutorial yesterday (which can be found here). Courtney had brought one of her birthday gifts along... yeah, FINALLY... for me to play with with her. It was a huge jar of craft supplies (fun! more on that later). Among many other things, it contained a little cellophane packet of markers. But once you tore the cellophane to get them out, it was no good to hold them anymore, so there was nothing in which to keep them all together.

Grandma to the rescue! I'd seen that little tutorial awhile back (thanks, Jess!) and always intended to make a little pencil case from it. Lucky for me, Jess's Outside Oslo fabrics also come in laminates (can be seen and purchased here), and she'd brought me some sample scraps. Little scraps. VERY little scraps. It took the biggest pieces to make this! (Now what am I gonna do with all those other LITTLE pieces? Any suggestions?) It was the first time I'd ever sewn laminated fabric. All I can say is that for this little project, it was a breeze! For a bigger, more complicated item, it remains to be seen. Maybe I can persuade Jess to send me some bigger pieces?!

Anyway, here's the little pencil case I made:

And the back side:

It was super easy. It must've taken me all of 15 minutes to make it. Kinda hard to tell, though, because Courtney was working on a project at the same time and needed some help, so my project was interrupted a lot. LOL

Conclusion: It was fun, and Courtney loved it a lot. Happy ending.


The Luedtke Family said...

Very cute and purposeful!

JHNickodemus said...

Super cute! Love it!

Grandma G said...

Thank you!