Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Things to Sew - Drawstring Bag

The scheduled project from the Little Things to Sew book for February was a set of little "Play Town" houses. I decided not to make them, because I doubted Courtney would play with them that much, and mainly I don't think I have enough appropriate fabrics to make them from, not to mention not having a local source for nice foam to stuff them with. But after seeing the cool houses that Jessica, the group host (not my daughter) made, I almost wish I had given them a try anyway. Go look at the fun houses she made here! Aren't they adorable? They're also smaller than I thought... I think about 3 inches square on the bottoms. 

So for a quick, easy project (which I needed, since... umm... I didn't actually start until the last day of February), I made this little drawstring bag instead:

It was, indeed, very easy to make. I used up some more of the Jessica Jones canvas I have on hand. The top and bottom are also canvas, which turned out to not be a very good choice for the bag, at least not for the drawstring casing. It's kinda stiff, plus the "string" doesn't slide very well through it. But once you get it shut, you're not likely to lose whatever's inside, because it's rather hard to open! ;)

Update: After some use, the "string" does slide just fine! So I would definitely go with canvas again, just because it makes a sturdier bag.

It's a small bag... only about 11" square. I'm not sure what it'll get used for... maybe I'll let Courtney decide. Here's a possibility:

I'm not the only one who chose not to make the little houses. There are some other really cute projects that you can see in A Little Gray's link-up.

Also linking up to Amylouwho's Sew & Tell:


Jessica said...

I love it! I kind of want to make a dozen of these to wrangle various toys around here. Do you think it would be easy to adjust the size?

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Jessica! Yes, very simple!

Liv said...

Kids can always find something fun to do with cute bags.

Live a Colorful Life said...

It sure is cute. I think that is still my favorite JJ fabric design, in all the different colorways.

SarahB said...

The bag turned out so cute! Love the idea of using them for cookie cutters! If you make another, make the casing section just a bit bigger and it should draw up fine. :)

Liz said...

I absolutely love the fabric. I didn't make the houses this month, either. I just wasn't inspired by them, but I do love the ones that everyone else made.