Sunday, March 18, 2012


Spring is bustin' out all over! It's no wonder, after hitting 84° today! Whoa... too much too soon! But things are turning green, and I couldn't resist going out and getting some photos of it this evening.

Tiny lilac leaves are coming out in a hurry:

The grass is greening up fast, too!

Have a closer look:

Ack! At this rate, I'll be mowing before too long! Noooo!!!!

I looked at the tulips a couple of days ago, and they were only 2-3" high. Look at 'em now! (But please ignore the dandelions.)

Can this really be only the 18th of March?  Seems more like May! But it's supposed to cool down into the lower 60's this week. There's also rain in the forecast, which we badly need. I hope the forecast is right, on both counts. I'm not in any hurry for summer, especially this early!


Anonymous said...

No stupid word verification? Great move! mw

Anonymous said...

10:30 pm PDT Fresno 47 degrees snow down to 2000 ft elevation - 12:30 am there CDT 64 degrees lilac bush turning green. Where am I living? Go figure, Mark

Grandma G said...

Shhh!! Don't let the spammers know I took off those ridiculously hard-to-read words! We'll see how long I last without getting spammed again. If the words come back, you'll know what happened.

Yeah, the weather's been totally crazy all over. I was about ready to trade with you again yesterday. But then the humidity went down and I was okay. ;)

The Luedtke Family said...

My happy daffodils have bloomed and I have tiny red tulips smiling open. Crazy!

So are you IL bound any time soon, before summer chores start? I haven't heard (or don't recall) you mention seeing your daughter since Christmas.