Saturday, March 24, 2012

First bloom

As I was walking past the house yesterday after getting the mail, I happened to notice a spot of color in front of my sewing room window. A TINY spot of color. Can you see it? You can click on the photo to enlarge it if your eyes are straining.

Or here, I'll help you out a little:

It's the first dianthus to bloom this year. It's actually the first anything I've seen blooming this year. Even the dandelions haven't started yet.

"Yet"??? What am I talking about? It's still March, for heaven's sake! And oh, please.... tell me I'm not going to have to start mowing already in March!!! But look at this lawn:

*Sigh* Even though I think I only mowed once since the end of July last year due to no rain, I'm still remembering the every 4-5 days up until that point. Ack. Not looking forward to starting again.

I think our lawn suffered a lot because of the drought. It has a lot of patches where there's no grass. But I'm sure the weeds will fill it in nicely. Ack again.

As you can see, the broken limbs from the ash tree haven't been removed yet. Grandpa? I know you're reading this! Hint, hint! And obviously I haven't gotten rid of the old asparagus stalks from last year. Or picked up all of the branches/twigs that fell from all the ice on them, although I did haul away the biggest of them.

Spring and the sunshine and warmer temps are nice. I'm just not ready to start the yard work yet. I'd rather sew! In fact, I think I'll go do just that. Can't wait to show you my latest, which is coming along nicely!

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