Monday, March 12, 2012

It's here!!

Spring is here! Well, not by the calendar. But surely robins are one of the first signs of spring, right? And they are here!! I saw two of them this evening! One flew away, but the other waited very nicely while I went back in the house for the camera. Then it posed for me, too!

With temps predicted to be in the 70's this week, I'll say spring can't be very far away, for sure!


Anonymous said...

I just recently saw my first one for the year also.
A very good sign.
Very good news that temps hit 70s in the next few days.
Buds are poppin'.

Yes, something is missing but I can't say it's a great loss. Did something change that negates the need?

The red red robin goes ------- etc.


Grandma G said...

The only thing that changed is that I got fed up trying to read those words on other blogs I comment on, so I figured people here are just as frustrated. I don't think they're quite as hard to read as they were at first, but having to do 2 words is still a bit much, if you ask me. (And they DIDN'T ask me!)

It was thanks to another blog that I found out how to turn the words off, since Blogger has made so many changes recently and hidden a few things.

Now just so I don't start getting a bunch of spam again. Shhh... don't let the word out!!!