Thursday, March 22, 2012

I forgot to tell you!

I won something! Remember the Little Things to Sew projects I've been doing every month? I don't think I mentioned that there was a random drawing each month from all the link-ups for a prize from one of the sponsors. I was the lucky winner in the last drawing! My prize just came in the mail today, and that reminded me that I hadn't told you about it. Here it is:

Okay, lousy photo. But it's after 10:30 p.m., and I wasn't about to get my photo tent and lights all set up just for that. Not important, anyway. It's just the envelope that my winnings came in. It was decorated around my name/address (which is under the black fabric... hahaha... you can't read it!) with some cute tape. The important part is where it's from:

Figgy's is a pattern shop. I won my choice of one of their patterns. Check 'em out here. Although there weren't a lot to choose from, it was still somewhat of a hard decision. Which one would YOU pick? Which one do you think I picked? It's a good thing I have a little girl to sew for! :)

You'll just have to wait to see which pattern I chose! Mean, aren't I? But I like secrets. ;) I don't know what fabric I'll use for it yet. Or when I'll get around to making it. I have one project in the works right now, another one right after it in the queue, and then there's that secret one coming up. Yeah, I like secrets! ;)


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