Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beauty in the desert

Okay, it isn't exactly a desert here, but it's beginning to seem like it. We had 99° on Monday, 101° yesterday, and on it continues, with not much relief in the forecast. Barely any chance of rain, either. The crops are really showing the effects, although they're better than one would think at this point, considering how little moisture they've had.

It's too humid to feel like a desert, though. The humidity just adds miserableness to the heat. Ack. It's getting so tiring. But who am I to complain? I get to spend most of my day in the air conditioning every day. I'd rather enjoy some time outdoors, though!

I've digressed. I just came to show you that the weeds are thriving, despite the awful conditions. How do they manage to do that, anyway?! The grass in our lawn is totally brown and crispy. All that's green is weeds. As I was looking across the ugliness a couple days ago, I spotted a circle about a foot across of bright yellow:

It's birdsfoot trefoil. The flowers are very tiny, but they sure stand out. Pretty, huh?


The Luedtke Family said...

Yes, I agree on this very hot very humid and no rain ickiness this summer is bringing on a daily basis. Our weather forecast is filled with record breaking information.

Our grass is also burnt burnt brown. I don't understand how weeds thrive in unfavorable growing conditions.

My garden is in a sad state of affairs, even though Norah and I picked some veggies today. I have sort of given up on it. Weeds overtook early, all the seeds planted in the middle of my garden never sprouted. I am not very consistent on watering.

I will be happy with whatever garden successes make it to our table.

Rain is much needed. Cooler temps are much preferred.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Really beautiful--flowers AND pictures!