Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty kittens

Mama kitty decided to move her kittens back home a few days ago, after spending several weeks across the road at the neighbor's place. Well, she moved 3 of them anyway. There were 5 when they left. She brought the 2 black ones and Rusty. Look at how pretty he's gotten, with such distinct stripes!

This next one (unnamed as yet) belongs to Patches. You might remember her climbing in the lilac bushes awhile back. She's been pretty elusive, but she's getting braver, and she was out in front of the garage a couple nights ago, so I managed to get a few good shots of her. She's very pretty, too!

Her one remaining (I think) sister (also unnamed) was along. She's pretty, too, although she has one sticky eye yet.

As of today, my total kitten count is only 6... as far as I know... the only ones I've seen lately. But there could be more, for all I know. Their mothers keep them coming and going. I give one up for gone, and a few days later it appears again! So who knows?! Crazy cats!

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