Monday, July 16, 2012

Pizza 'n ice cream!

'Most every Sunday night, Grandpa and I have pizza 'n ice cream for supper while watching a movie. It's been a "tradition" for many years. We did last night, too. But this post is not about that. :) It's about "Crafting With Courtney"! She made her own pizza 'n ice cream when she was here last week!

I somehow came across the Making Friends website. It's chock full of stuff for kids to do! They sell craft supplies, but they also offer tons of free printables and fun ideas. I haven't begun to check out everything they have, but I did find these printables before Courtney came last Tuesday. I printed them ahead of time, hoping she'd enjoy them. She LOVED them! (She looks a little bored or something here, but it was the "Grandma's picture-taking" she didn't want to wait for. She wanted to get back to cutting!)

She went right to work cutting everything out very carefully.

When I printed them, I was hoping I had some double-sided restickable tape on hand, and sure enough, I did (thank goodness!). So with a little piece of tape on the back of each item, here's what she made:

And since the tape is restickable, of course the pieces are interchangeable, and there are any number of yummy combinations!

There was also a color-it-yourself pizza-and-toppings page, so I printed that, too.

Here's her very own "homemade pizza":

I gave her sheets of wax paper to stick the pieces to when they weren't in use, so they wouldn't all get stuck together.

The pizza was yummy!

So was the ice cream... and it didn't even drip on her fingers!

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Live a Colorful Life said...

Cute idea. I'm heading over to that site!