Monday, July 23, 2012

Surprise in the mail

Last Monday a surprise came in the mail! It wasn't a surprise to me... I knew it was coming. But it was a surprise to Courtney... and it was a surprise FOR Courtney!

It was a box of craft supplies (and a few sewing supplies for a pattern I'll be testing soon), which couldn't have pleased Courtney more! Let's have a look:

She was very eager to get started, and went right to work.

She painted very carefully with the fabric markers.

Here's her first project:

Very colorful, huh? Colors are GOOD!

Here are some more. At Courtney's insistence, one of them was done by me... kinda hard to tell which one, though, isn't it?

The box of goodies was a gift from my blogger friend, LiEr, maker of all sorts of patterns, including chickens, pigs, mushrooms, tarts, dolls and bags (see her left sidebar for details). She is incredibly talented in many areas! Just check out her blog and see her marvelous creations! She has also become a good friend, and I guess she accepts my pattern critiquing (of the Lunch Bucket) okay, because she's asked me to do another. And of course you'll be seeing the results of that here in the future.

LiEr also made a set of these peg dolls, to which Courtney's have a vague similarity. ;) Take a look at LiEr's dolls, and don't miss the awesome costumes she made for her own girls!!

Courtney has more crafting to do tomorrow, since she's barely begun to use up the supplies LiEr sent. Can't wait to see what she does next! We may have to incorporate some fabric into the next project(s)! I'll surely show you what she makes!

One more thing I'm excited to tell you.... if all goes as planned, I will get to meet LiEr in person in the very near future! Hurray!

And just one more thing... I think I'll finally be showing you my last sewing project tomorrow. I hope. If all goes as planned. This week for sure, but probably tomorrow. I hope. I hope.


The Luedtke Family said...

" . . . And just one more thing... I think I'll finally be showing you my last sewing project tomorrow. I hope."

What?!?!? Your last sewing project! I hope it's not your last!!!! I enjoy seeing everything you create and hearing the stories behind them all!

Courtney's projects look great!

Grandma G said...

Well, it WAS the last one, smarty pants! I mean, it wasn't the first one, or the second, or....

It could hardly be THE last one, if I'm going to test another pattern, could it?

And I couldn't call it "latest" if I'm already working on another one, which I just might happen to be.

Oh, so confusing! Look what you did!!

Sorry if I scared you.


annie dee said...

Craft package looks like a lotta fun! Enjoy!