Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo bomb?

Nah, not a bomb. Just a cute little girl who wanted to be included in the photo of her creations. I love that eye in there!

Remember the box of craft supplies Courtney got last week? The little dolls above are what we made out of more of the wooden goodies this past Tuesday. She loved them! I think they're pretty cute myself. 

Courtney was a little disappointed that she hadn't left enough room for the face when she was coloring the hair on the doll on the right. So I decided a hat would help distract people's attention from the face. See? You didn't even notice that narrow face until I mentioned it, did you? ;)

Here's our little doll-creator herself... both eyes included. I like how the dolls' outfits just happened to coordinate with the dress Courtney was wearing.


Anonymous said...

Even that one little eye by itself looks like a happy eye.


Live a Colorful Life said...

She is pretty adorable, that's for sure! I love that first picture.