Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Ever seen a video of fireflies? Ever tried to take a video of fireflies?! It's not easy!! LOL 

Sunday evening I happened to notice a bunch of fireflies out in our yard so, as if I had nothing else to do, I grabbed the camera and gave it a try. Ha! It didn't work very well. I was never aiming in the right direction. I did manage to catch a couple, but you'll have to watch VERY closely. Don't blink, or you might miss them. (And yeah, I'm crazy.)

Did you see them? Just be glad I edited out all the other long seconds of blankness! :)

It was soooo quiet out there. The only thing I could hear was the air conditioner running on the other side of the house. There wasn't even a single mosquito to 'bug' me, where in a normal year they'd be swarming at that time of evening. I guess the drought is good for something, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Aaww...the joy of summer!
See you soon!