Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vintage sewing #5

This is a jumper that I made for Jess when she was a teenager, for her confirmation, I think. I didn't make a top to go with it, but if I remember right, she wore a pretty rose-colored knit top with it. Or maybe it was a teal/green? Help, Jess!! Maybe you had one of each... I don't remember.

The fabric is so pretty. There should be some kind of repurpose project for it! Hey, maybe a bag out of LiEr's pattern!!

I had intended to dig up a photo of Jess wearing it, but that might take a while. You know how it goes when you start looking through old pictures! Anyway, I have a couple projects in the queue that have deadlines, so I need to get at them ASAP! The first one is a photo book Groupon deal that I bought months ago. I paid $15 for a $50 book. The Groupon expires this Friday... yes, that's in TWO DAYS... and I haven't started it yet!!! Nothing like procrastination, huh? But I have been busy this summer! I'll get 'er done. The other one is due before next Tuesday! I might give you a sneak peek at that one tomorrow. Maybe. But if you don't see anything of me, just know I'm workin' on stuff!!


The Luedtke Family said...

Lovely fabric repurposed is a great idea! Both items sewn very well. Keep the vintage items coming.

Here is my most vintage used item of clothing that my kids wore. It was given to me by my Dad. It was Dad's coat supposedly made by my Grandma. It looks handmade, and very handsome.

Simon's link:

Norah's link:

Have a good day!

Jessica Jones said...

Oh no! No, no. No need to show a picture of me wearing that. Braces and strange hair and big glasses. Um, you'd better go sew something instead. You're much too busy to go looking for old pictures.

I think I had both colors of shirts. :)