Monday, September 17, 2012

Evening rendezvous?

Saturday late evening, I was in the kitchen when I heard what sounded like one of my (house)cats scrambling to get up somewhere. I thought maybe one of them had jumped to get on top of the washer (where their beds are) and miscalculated her jump. When I looked toward the entry, Josie was on the floor, so I assumed it was Wispy, which wouldn't have surprised me, since she's rather chubby and occasionally misses her jumps.

I went out to look, and much to my surprise, this is what I saw! 

It was Snuggles, on the outside of the window! A genuine peeping tom!

It didn't take long for Josie and Wispy to hop up and see what was going on. They looked just as surprised as I was!

Snuggles seemed to be assessing his situation.

I think he was beginning to realize he was in a predicament.

I went outside to see if he was going to make it down.

This is how far he'd come up!

It was a bit tricky turning around.

But he made it!

I'm not sure if Josie was relieved or disappointed.

In case you're wondering.... yes, Josie and Snuggles are related. They have the same mother, but Josie is a year older. I think they have different fathers, however the fathers might be related, considering the coloring. Who knows?!


Auntie Kris said...

Wow! That was a big jump! Glad he got down safely.

annie dee said...

Yikes! A regular Evil Knieval!

Grandma G said...

Yeah... crazy cat! I wonder what inspired him to try jumping up there!