Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More cat oddness

One morning when I went out to feed the cats, I noticed this sight off in the distance. Can you see her?

Here's a closer look:

And another:

Kind of an odd place to sit, wouldn't you say? I wondered if something (a dog, perhaps) had been around and scared her, making her run for the nearest high spot. What was even odder yet was that there wasn't a single cat in the machine shed waiting for breakfast! That just NEVER happens! I started looking around (fearing finding dead ones), and the only one I found was this one, on the ground just behind the one above, very much alive:

That kinda blew my theory of something scaring them all off, as she doesn't look too scared. So I don't know where the rest were, but they were all back by suppertime. They may have found a special stash of something good to eat (rabbits' nests or who-knows-what), because they didn't seem very hungry for a few days after that.

Anyway, all is back to normal now. Total remaining head count is 14 - 6 kittens and 8 adults (only one of which is a tom, whom you saw in the window yesterday). The bad news is that Patches is quite pregnant, and Mama kitty is beginning to look like she is, too. Aargh.  It's not a good time of year to be having kittens outside.


annie dee said...

That's a lotta cats!

Grandma G said...

Yeah... it's 'too many'! But it's a lot less than I expected to have by the end of the summer. Nature has taken its course on a lot of them.