Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tiniest flowers ever?

We have patches of teeny-tiny flowers all over our lawn these days. They're actually some kind of weed, but their blossoms are so pretty. Well, if you look closely, that is. You almost need a magnifying glass to see them! Courtney thinks they're great ('course she's down there closer to the ground and notices them right away), and she tried to pick me a bouquet one day, but she gave up because they were just too little. I've tried taking pictures of them on the ground, but the pics never turned out very well. Yesterday I couldn't resist trying one more time, with the flower in my hand. That worked better! Just look how tiny it is! It kind of looks like a little daisy.

They're pretty tough (of course, being weeds), and they seem to have spread a lot in the last couple of dry summers we've had. You can see the white dots of them in the background of these pics. I don't mind them. They're definitely not as obnoxious as dandelions.

Are they the tiniest flowers I've ever seen?


Not any more!

Look what else I found while I had the camera out there yesterday!

Another weed. But how can a flower be that tiny???

Look closer (click to enlarge the pic if you want):

Such perfect little flowers. Amazing, aren't they?!


Jessica Jones said...

Courtey can press them in her tiny books. That I haven't mailed yet...

Grandma G said...

Great idea, Jess!
Maybe you should mail them....