Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For Gwen

It was such a pretty morning yesterday (and is again today) that I just had to get these shots for you, Gwen, while the gettin' was good.

Tree bark, yes. But these trees have special significance. This first one is an ash that Courtney's daddy brought home from elementary school on Arbor Day one year. It was tiny... but look at it now!

Ah, yes... we've been here a lot of years! We must be gettin' old!! Gettin', mind you... not there yet!! :)

The rest of the photos are all from the same tree. It's a maple that we dug out of Grandpa's parents' yard and replanted here. It, too, was very tiny. But it sure isn't anymore!

As I was taking these pics, I found it kind of fascinating how many different directions the branches grew... some even curved!

Oops! What's that sawed off branch doing there? Is the other end attached or not? I'll have to try to remember to go and check it out sometime! I didn't notice that as I was snapping away.

The next pic was taken during the same photo shoot, just in the shade. Sure makes things look different, though, doesn't it?

(Click any photo to enlarge.)

There you have it, Gwen. Enough bark and branches for you?

Ya can't say I don't aim to please! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I think you should name the tree with all the crazy branches "Sybil".
( Is that how you spell it?)
That is a reference to an old movie and book about a person with multiple personalities.
As a tree psychologist I am going to diagnose that tree as having multiple personalities.


Grandma G said...

I'm so glad you're a tree psychologist! We NEED you! :) Hmmm... I think I recall something about "Sybil" (yes), but I don't think I saw or read it. At least now we know what's wrong with this crazy tree!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I have always found tree bark fascinating. It is good to know we have a tree psychologist in the family! I also love learning the history of these trees!
Thank You!

Grandma G said...

You're very welcome! Let me know if you have any other requests. :)