Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Goodbye, Wispy

Here are the last pics I took of Wispy, the day before Thanksgiving.

Well, that wasn't Wispy. That was a peeping tom.

Not Wispy there, either. That was Josie peeping at the peeping tom!

Ahhh... here she is! Peeping at the peeping tom herself!

A party of peepers peeping:

Wispy's hangin' out in one of her favorite spots:

And peeping at a different non-peeping tom:

That was a lot of peeping!

Goodbye, Wispy girl. It was a good 7 years (even though you were scared to death of Courtney and growled at her and scared her a lot). I'll always remember your special little gifts.


annie dee said...

Sweet cat and very funny gift giving quirks. My Maine Coon brought one of those small plastic med dispensing syringes all the way from the kitchen (where it was drying after being used) into the bedroom where I was working the other day. And he was so proud of having made the delivery!

Anonymous said...

I'll say goodbye to Wispy too.

Is Josie acting any differently?

I like the peepers on the all black peeping tom. Those eyes have the "I can see anything" look. Kind of a wild look.


Grandma G said...

That's cute, Annie Dee! :) Wish I could see your Maine Coon!

Dale, about the only difference in Josie is that she's always hanging pretty close by me. She wants to ride on my shoulders every chance she gets, and she likes to pester me at the computer more than usual. She's also extremely glad to see me when I come back in from outside or if I've been in my sewing room. She purrs a lot... and gets in my way a lot. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think those are all signs that she feels a little lonely without Wispy.


Grandma G said...

Yep, I agree.

Grace said...

RIP ,Wispy.