Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh, Josie...

I think Josie feels a little left out when Courtney's here. Rightly so, I suppose, since my attention is (also rightly so) more on Courtney at those times. Whenever Courtney does anything at the table, Josie insists on being up there, too... as close as we'll let her be.

These pics were taken the day we did the dolly photo shoot... before we had even headed to the basement for the shoot and leaving her upstairs.

Look at Josie's face... so sleepy-bored looking. Yet, she MUST be there!

And she MUST be touching what Courtney's working on.

Even distracted, that paw stays there.

Poor neglected kitty.  Ha!


Jenny said...

Our old cat was exactly the same! It would even try to catch the pens and pencils everytime I was writing or drawing.

Grandma G said...

Cats are so very helpful, aren't they? Ha!