Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is sad better than nothing?

This isn't pretty. It's sad, but still makes me glad.

We've had some quite cold temperatures at night recently, and they pretty much took care of all the remaining flowers. Coming back from the mailbox yesterday, I noticed my gazanias were looking like they'd gotten hit awfully hard. However, coming back from the mailbox once again this morning, I noticed there was a patch of color there again!

Even though they look pretty sad, I still love 'em. They're definitely giving it all they've got, welcoming the sunshine!

If they don't make it through the winter, I'm sure going to plant some more next spring! In fact, I think I'll fill that whole area with them, because they've done better than anything else I've ever put in that hot, dry spot on the south side of the house. Way to go, little flowers!


Anonymous said...

Yes, sad is better than nothing.
Look how they are reminding you of their summer splendor.
Are they supposed to survive our winters?
I hope so.


Grandma G said...

Annie Dee did some research, and it sounds like they're only perennials in warmer areas. I'm still hoping, though. Maybe it's warm enough on the south side of the house. We'll see.....