Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween goodies

My little nurse came trick-or-treating last night, of course. She came complete with a real stethoscope and her pockets full of other medical "equipment" (the toy versions). The first thing she did was give me a shot! I guess that was her "trick". ;)

I did have a treat for her, despite the shot. I'd made another nurse apron!

This one was very tiny.

And here it is, modeled!

Here it is again, for comparison.

Courtney loved it. "This is better than candy." Ahhh... the perfect compliment! :)

She got plenty of the candy, too, of course (besides the few pieces of candy corn that I managed to fit into the pockets of the teeny nurse apron).

She proceeded to sort it all out. Then she shared nearly half of it with Grandpa and me! How generous she was! (And how happy Mommy was - heheh!)

The little zipper pouch above is what I'd made to put the little apron in. I finished it about 5 minutes before she arrived. I'd had another idea earlier, but it didn't work like I'd planned. Jess had posted some little Halloween printables on her blog yesterday, so I printed one, intending to put the apron it it. Alas, it was too small. But it was cute, and I gave it to Courtney, too. Here's the "monster kitty".

The head... er... mask, I guess... comes off. The little "box kitty" is only about an inch and a half across or so, and it wasn't nearly tall enough for the apron. Yes, very tiny!

It was a fun evening. How was your Halloween?


The Luedtke Family said...

An absolute blast! I LOVE Halloween! I worked all day, and so here is the arrangement I made. I told my husband that since I have to be a part time working mom, he has to be the part time school dad. He went on Tuesday to preschool to hear the songs and on Wednesday to see the parade. Whether or not Simon saw Daddy, knowing he was there is of utmost importance to me!

My Knight was brave and loved every part of his costume. My princess was lovely and not one bit Disney. Every girl in her class was a princess, with one mermaid. All different. She loved it. I came home and turned into a queen and off we went trick or treating, only to the neighbors we know. We gave our iced chocolate chip pumpkin cookies first, and got our treats second. Simon easily and always said "we give treats to get treats" to each neighbor. We are blessed with great neighbors. One neighbor received her yearly cookies as we passed by trick-or-treating. She quickly hid them so as not to have to share them with the kids. She replied "oh, the Luedtke cookies". I guess it's a known tradition!

Then, we came home to chili and hotdogs on the sidewalk with hot cider or hot cocoa to warm hands and bellies. The fire pit in the driveway kept us, neighbors, friends, and passers by warm. The word was out and some people stopped by just for a hot dog.

The kids warmed in the house watching "The Sword in the Stone" and loved it. Norah exclaimed that the stone was magic and the boy became king". Exuberance all around.

I love adopting my Dad's philosophy that Halloween is the one time of the year that every door is open and we are allowed to greet anyone. So we take that time to be hospitable.

We served 39 hotdogs, a crock pot of chili, a 2 pound or so bag of powdered cocoa, and 10 packets of hot cider. We passed out 90 or so cookies (a double batch) and passed out our treats to the trick-or-treaters.

We were exhausted but had so much fun!

Jessica Jones said...

Nice monster kitty. :)

Anonymous said...



Live a Colorful Life said...

So cute. And love the little apron for her doll. I'm going to print out those cute boxy animals.

Grandma G said...

Sounds like great fun, Becky! (Even though Blogger thought it was spam - ha!) Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Jess (doubly)... and Cindy!