Monday, November 12, 2012

Shooting deer

Deer hunting (firearm) season ended here yesterday. I shot mine! Of course I only shoot them with the camera. 

There seemed to be plenty of deer around our yard this year. I saw a couple of them out my kitchen window on Friday afternoon. Here's a "screen shot" (i.e. taken through a window screen, thus poor quality) of one of them.

Not too clear, huh? There were actually two of them. They seemed to be quite calm, just having a little lunch. I decided to see if I could sneak out and get a better shot at them. Since they were in back of the house, I went out the front to avoid any squeak from the back door, and then I walked very quietly to the end of the lilac bushes, camera at the ready.

I shot them! LOOK!

They stared at me like that for about two seconds, then headed off down the hill. Below is the only other shot I got at them. It is, as they say, the 'tail end'.

Then yesterday morning I happened to glance out the living room windows and saw another deer across the driveway on the edge of the field. This isn't a "screen shot"... just a dirty-window shot. She was a bit too hidden by the trees, though.

She stood there grazing for a bit. I had the camera focused on a clearer spot, hoping she'd soon move on. She obliged!

As it happened, I wasn't the only one watching her.

That pickup had been sitting across the field the whole time. You can see the "hunter orange" through the windshield. I don't think they were hoping for camera shots!

The deer, however, was quite wise (or lucky). She slowly moved on, and suddenly I couldn't see her anymore. I think she lay down in the grass for a nap. The pickup then left, too.

The end.     (Click any photo to enlarge.)


Anonymous said...

She was lucky this time.
It is possible that the hunters were after bucks only.(They didn't have an antlerless permit.)
I don't know if the DNR is trying to raise the population or lower it in your area.
In the area we hunt, they are trying to lower the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that they'd need to get your permission to hunt on your land.


Grandma G said...

Yeah, I thought maybe they'd be stopping in to ask for permission. Then again, that might have scared her away. I figured they were just waiting for her to keep going off our land so they could go after her. She fooled 'em! Ha!

Anonymous said...


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