Thursday, May 16, 2013

A very small visitor

I noticed this little guy(gal?) out in our front yard a few days ago. Kinda cute. Nice stripes.

Very busy.

"Did you see what I think I saw?"

"Oh, hi!"

"Okay, bye!"

"Bet you can't see me now!"

For those of you wondering... no, I didn't. ;)

And for anyone not familiar with these little critters, we call them striped gophers. They are also known by quite a few other names, according to Wikipedia.


annie dee said...

Gotta ask: what is that?

Grandma G said...

Oh, sorry... I thought everybody knows what they are. We call them striped gophers, but Wikipedia has lots of names for them, which I didn't know before!

(It wouldn't let me copy them with my iPad.)

Mark said...

I know you didn't but I know you thought about it!

Jessica Jones said...

Ha, my first thought was "Did you...?" He's cute. I like him.

Grandma G said...

Actually, I don't think I even considered it. Didn't give it a thought until Grandpa said, "Did you...?" I was just enjoying the 'photo' shoot. :)

Mark, you were up awfully early for someone who's "relaxing". ;)

annie dee said...

Ah. Striped gophers! Never seen one before. Cute. In photos anyway...

Anonymous said...

You caught some good stuff again.
I like the one with the black birds looking at the gopher.