Friday, May 10, 2013

My first frame purse

If you remember my fabric pieces from my post on Tuesday and have been wondering what they'd turn into, you're about to find out!

Here's the almost-finished project:

And the other side:

I used Jess's laminated Outside Oslo fabrics, but since all I have of that is scraps, there wasn't enough to do the whole pouch in the same design, so that's why there are two different fabrics. :)

This is how it looked before I glued it into the frame:

I was hesitant about glueing it, and procrastinated as long as I could, afraid I would mess it up. I also thought it seemed like it would be kind of hard to do, although all the tutorials I saw said it was easy. Well, I didn't find it to be as easy as they said. And I would say the glue messed me up! The first side went sort of okay, but when I went to do the second side, the glue seemed awfully anxious to come out of the tube, and with it being clear, I had a hard time seeing how much I had inside the frame. Maybe I shouldn't have started working on it after 10 o'clock at night? So I had too much glue in it, and I ended up with glue in places I didn't want the glue to be! Also, although the tutorials said the glue would be easy to pick off the frame after it dried, it wasn't. I had quite a time with it, and ended up using a solvent to get it off. It was a learning experience, all around.

Despite all that, I guess it turned out okay.

Yes, it's very little. I have a larger frame, too, but I chose to do the small one first, so if I blew it, I wouldn't be wasting so much fabric. In hindsight, I think it might've been wiser to do the larger one first, because there would've been more working room, making it easier to handle. Someday I'll get around to making a bigger purse, but not right away. I've had enough glue-pickin' for a while.

There are lots of tutorials for making framed purses, and they're all basically the same. I ended up using the ones I found here, because they come in PDF format, so I could load them onto my iPad.

Now I think I'll go back to doll clothes for awhile... or maybe a bigger bag or something.....


annie dee said...

That's a great purse - you are so brave to do it. I've never tried using those frames. I read the part in a tutorial about the glue and chickened out. I'm going to stick to straps and handles, D rings and clips for sure.

Jessica Jones said...

Maybe it was a pain, but it's ADORABLE!!! Super adorable!

The Luedtke Family said...

I always think those types of purses are classic, elegant and lovely. I have not yet been tempted, or brave enough, to make one, not so sure if I ever will be. Of course I completed an awesome bag for my Mom for Mother's Day. After it was wrapped and packaged, did I realize I did not take pictures of it. I used an afghan crochet hook with 2 strands (turquoise and brown) for the outside. Just a rectangle sewn in half. But the mental anguish came in lining it with a coordinating cotton and a zipper. But I prevailed and mostly hand sewn. I even added a hand strap to the outside. So lovely. If Mom doesn't snap a picture, then I will next time I am home. It's quite fitting as she sent me the Tunisian/Afghan crochet hook and she upgraded my sewing machine.

Happy Mother's Day to you! Have a lovely weekend.

Grandma G said...

Thank you all!

Way to go on your mom's bag, Becky! Yes, do get a pic somehow. :)