Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Ever see a Rainbow in a tree?

Well, now you have!

The other cats pick on her like crazy. Winter wasn't so bad... at least they let her eat with them. But now she rarely comes to eat anymore. Yesterday morning I had to break up a fight between her and her own mother. Her mother had been stalking her, and made her attack even as I was petting Rainbow. Poor thing. She's quite pregnant, too. *sigh* CATS!! I think I have too many... females, in particular (9)... pregnant females, in particular particular!


Grace said...

Rainbow is a beautiful cat. Too bad she is the 'black sheep' of the clan. If you are willing to part with her , we would love to give her a new home, with hopefully more friendly playmates. We have only two female cats and they are mother and daughter. Hard to get any different colors when they all belong to the same parents. Just a thought that may make Rainbow happier too.
What do you think of our May Day snow storm? We put a yard stick in the drift beside the car and it read 10 inches. But on the level it was more like 4 inches. Spring where are you?

Grandma G said...

Hmm... I'm giving your idea some thought, Grace!

Yeah, it's spring here. Hahahaha! Well, it was summer on Sunday, so I don't know what that makes it now.