Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Look what I found!

I realized on Saturday morning that Scoot hadn't shown up to eat for a couple of days. I figured she must've had her babies. I decided to do a quick hunt for them, although I didn't hold out much hope of finding them, because she's always hidden her babies, and I've never found them. But this time I got lucky! They were in a very dark place, so I had to use the flash on the camera, thus her funny-colored eyes.

What a sweet little pile, huh? I think there are four of them, although I didn't look too closely, as they were only a day or so old and quite small, so I didn't want to disturb them. Scoot was very happy with my petting her and her babies, though.

I liked that little spotted white one, so I tried to get a better picture of it. I don't know if this one's any better or not, but I love the little hot pink toe pads in the upper right corner. :)

Have you been wondering how Rainbow's kittens are doing? Check in tomorrow and see!

1 comment:

Jessica Jones said...

That looks like a nice, comfy bed. Upside down kittens are funny.