Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainbow's babies

I'm afraid Rainbow is down to only two babies, after having had four. I think what happened is that the space she had them in is so small, that she must've accidentally laid on and smothered the other two. I found them a couple days apart, and there didn't appear to be anything wrong with them. Sad. 

The two that remain are doing very well, though. They're certainly getting plenty to eat, being the only two at the "table" now... their little tummies are bulging!

Their eyes are open now. They weren't very cooperative in showing you that, though.

I think I should've had my assistant, Miss Courtney, to help perk them up a little.

This one did manage to get kinda sassy.

Well, for a little bit, anyway.

He looks like a "Tiger", don'tcha think?

This one's a tom, too. Any name suggestions?

Are you swooning over the cuteness yet?!

I took those pics on Sunday. Yesterday, my assistant arrived after school, so we did another photo shoot.

She happened to have her LeapPad along, which has a camera, so she took a few photos and videos, too. Look at the cute pose she got from them! ;)

Courtney was trying to get a video at the same time I was. Our subjects weren't cooperating very well at that time, as the orange guy kept getting away. He was so roly-poly that he almost couldn't get back up when Courtney moved him back. Ha!

"I've had enough photo shoot. How 'bout you?"

Rainbow's being a VERY good mommy - hurray for her!

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Jessica Jones said...

Hee hee, so cute!