Friday, May 3, 2013

Lego girl

These pictures are a bit old (obviously, because there was only one tooth missing on top... there are two now)... from April 1st, in fact. I'm running out of blog fodder, as I do occasionally rarely, so I was looking back through my photos to see if I'd missed anything, and lo and behold, I found these! They were from a day that Courtney didn't have school, so she was here all day, and she brought some of her own projects along. This was a Lego kit that she'd gotten recently. There were lots of tiny pieces to put together:

She had obviously done Lego kits before, as she was very proficient at following the pictorial directions and figuring out how they were supposed to go together. I was her "helper", but all I got to do was locate the pieces... she put everything together by herself!

Someone got bored pretty quickly, especially when we wouldn't let her bat the pieces around:

A little scritch on the head showed her she wasn't forgotten:

Here's the building in progress:

And voilà!


Live a Colorful Life said...

I love these Lego kits--they are so cute. I got a couple of really cute sets at Christmas off of Amazon (a santa with a sleigh full of toys, Christmas tree, etc.) thinking that would keep Levi occupied for hours. But they are so proficient at this age that all three kits were completed in an hour.

Anonymous said...

Is that a Barbie Ferrari?

John Hiatt has song called "The wreck of the Barbie Ferrari".


Grandma G said...

Sorry, Dale... I don't know my cars. ;)

annie dee said...

Me and my kids spent hours playing with Lego adventure space robot pirate etc kits. Sigh. That was fun. Never saw these Barbie Legos