Tuesday, July 9, 2013

American Girl doll panties

Making these swimsuits gave me an idea for making doll panties, so I got sidetracked from making cover-ups for a bit. I'd already decided that new panties were in order, because look what kind Kit came with:

Courtney's Marie Grace even has actual bloomers. Both were fine for wearing under the dresses they came in, but neither kind worked for wearing under pants, etc. There was just too much bulk there, so our dolls were wearing nothing under their jeans, capris or shorts. That would never do!

I figured it would be simple to make the panties using this free swimsuit pattern, and it was. Here's the first pair I made, from another of my old swimsuits (see? once again it does pay to save everything!):

They were quick and easy, and they turned out fine. I decided to cut the next pair (from a stretchy knit fabric I got in a grab bag I'd bought) just a bit lower, and here's how they turned out, for a more modern fit:

As I did on the swimsuits, I used a double needle instead of zigzagging them. I think it gives them a neater, more professional look.

I of course used the fold-over elastic (FOE) again. That stuff is so cool!

Courtney will have her choice when she gets here today of which panties she wants for Marie Grace. I wonder which she will choose.

It also suddenly occurred to me as I was typing this out, that a person could make a bikini using the same pattern! Hmm...  Nah, one swimsuit's enough... for now.


annie dee said...

LOL. Going overboard, are we? :-)

Grandma G said...

Never, Annie Dee! ;-) You mean you're not gonna make some???

Auntie Kris said...

J& J have been bugging me for a while to make panties for their AG dolls. I'm NOT showing them this post.

Grandma G said...

They're going to see Courtney's, y'know..... ;)

Grace said...

You are so talented. Do I see panty hose in the future? What no Maiden Form Bra? Oh ya, Marie Grace is only 9 years old. Can't remember how old Kit is.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Grace. Umm... no, that should be about the extent of the underwear. Kit is 9 also. :)